Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Why SEO Is Important For Start-Ups

The importance of SEO for any web business is as much as a whole marketing campaign for a company. Ultimately target customers are driven through search engine results. Startups are the business started with innovative ideas but how they get the attention of customers, the reason being they invest a sum of amount on the digital marketing aspects. A newly started business has a product ready in hand but how will it be delivered to end consumers. For many companies still, thy use orthodox mediums of marketing but in the present era of digitization maximum number of customer traffic is driven through digital marketing activities and SEO is a substantial part of it.

5 reasons why SEO is important for start-ups
1. SEO provides vision - the newly started company will like to attract customers through its product marketing activities. SEO helps them get there while a customer searches for a specific product and offshore web development services over the internet, SEO helps the user to redirect its search to relevant content with the relevant result. In summary, it can be said SEO matches the right customer with the right business.
2. Sustain in the long run - any kind of business is started with a vision to operate in the long run. SEO with its attractive and creative attributes helps the business to redirect the customers to the company’s website. With the changing needs of business and market, SEO helps the business to get in touch with the updated trend and services. It helps the business in brand building and recognition.
3. Helps in digital marketing - the companies in its initial years use different digital marketing tools. SEO is one of the most important tools of digital marketing that boosts the marketing campaign in the right direction. Every other feature of online business is driven through the search engine and maximum numbers of customers are redirected through a better SEO plan.
4. Getting new customers – a maximum number of new customers in a newly started web startup are attracted through search engines. The use of correct and perfect keyword helps the business attract a maximum number of customers. SEO ensures the searchability and visibility of the business in the long run by employing effective and qualified SEO professionals. It helps in constructing a better and organized business strategy.
5. Customer engagement- A good SEO programming helps the business to make engaging content on which customers come again every time when they require relevant information. SEO helps the business to understand the needs of the customers through continuous research and development. The engagement of the content is measured by the duration of the time visitors spend his time on the website. SEO also helps the startups in increasing the number of downloads for the newly launched mobile application by the use of relevant keywords searched by a user over the internet in its browsing process.
SEO not only helps the business in its digital marketing campaign but also to attracts and engages the customers for the ultimate business goal.

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Top Youtube Channels From Which You Can Learn Web Development

Our generation is all about digitalization. We have our cell phones in our hand all the time and there are some apps we constantly use and in which one of them is YouTube. YouTube consumes our lot of time but it’s our choice to misuse it by watching videos that teach us nothing or it’s our choice to make use of this platform which gives us so much of information for free. Web development is a thing in which almost every person who is related to tech wants to learn. YouTube provides these people who really want to learn a good platform.


Google Developers is one of the YouTube channels on which you can learn to web development. They provide lessons and tuitions on how to do web development. The lessons are thorough and one can learn easily from them. But their real focus is on showing recorded talks of tech experts at Google events, industry news and product review.

As the name suggests they level up your game of web development by giving you tutorials on the topic. The creator of LevelUpTuts Scott Tolinski and Ben Schaff they both give classes by themselves and even on topics that we might have not seen on other YouTube channels like Polymer 1.0, Sass, Stylus, Meteor and many more.

LearnWebCode is not that largest channel but they give simple videos which might be easy for you to understand as compared to other channels. The people who want to learn design can visit this YouTube channel for Wordpress themes and responsive designs and developers can come and visit this channel for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

As the name suggests they help you to develop your skills for doing HTML, PHP, CSS, and jQuery. The videos in this channel are classified accordingly so in this channel you might find it easy to pick a video of what you want to learn. Some of their videos are of 10-15 minutes which you might find a bit longer but the content is explained perfectly.

LearnCode.Academy is a channel by Will Stern provides us a wide verity of topics such as site design, web development, career advice, tutorials, etc. This is a great channel for beginners as he has a 24 video playlist just for beginners. On this channel, he has popular series on web development tools used by pros and has a lot of videos on Java Scripts.

DevTips is run by Travis Neilson and his channel focuses on both side of website creation that is development and design. That’s why this channel is a perfect channel for people who want to learn to do both development and design and not just one. For beginners also, he has videos “back to basics” which can help to learn a lot as a starter.

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Why Javascript Is The Best Language For Web Development?

JavaScript is different from Java as it is an object-oriented scripting language. It was developed by Brendan Eich in 1995.

1. Popular: JavaScript is a very popular ass it is being used almost everywhere on the web. You can learn JS from the enormous resources available on the internet. You can build many projects on GitHub and other coding sites and learn a lot about the projects made by other people. JS can be used in many ways and hence is a very popular language among web developers.

2. Easy to learn: JS is very easy to learn and you can easily implement the logic. You can learn JS form many courses available online. There are many courses which are even free of cost so you don’t have to spend a penny and you will be skilled in JS and if a course is free of cost it doesn’t mean that this is not a good course but if you find some paid courses you can go for them as well. But remember while going for a paid course always take a free trial so that you don’t end up in a course that you might not be able to understand.

3. Less time consuming: JS is very fast as the code runs on the client side. The main problem that we have with most of the previous languages was that they were slow in their running time and nowadays time is a very crucial element of any language. Most people prefer the languages that consume very less time so that there is less time complexity. The concept of time complexity was basically made to realize the amount of time taken to run a particular code and get results. JS is very fast and hence is very less time-consuming in running the code and getting results.

4. Keeps on updating: In this era only the languages that gets updated time to time according to the new requirements of people will survive and the people working for JS knows this very well and hence they keep on updating the JS every the year which is very rare and most of the languages available does not get updated every year. Due to continuously updating it will never go out and people will keep on using this as all of their requirements are fulfilled.

5. Versatile: JS is very versatile and if you learn one of its subordinate languages you can use it in both the front end and back end. So if you learn JS you do not have to learn another completely different language for the front end and back end. It is also platform independent.

JS is very easy to learn and debug and hence if you are looking to learn a language for web development you should definitely go with the JS and you will not be disappointed at all.
If you learn other languages than you have to learn different languages for the front end and back end which ultimately will be very confusing. You can try other languages as well and choose what suits you the best.

Sunday, 21 April 2019

What are In Demand Programming Languages for 2019

The technology has reached a great level in the year 2019. There are different – different languages exists which are in very high demand and this is due to the reason as the digitization is increasing day by day and this raise the demand of digital platforms and which ultimately increases the demand for programming languages. There are many programming languages and these different – different programming languages have their own significance. There are many programming languages which are in high demand these days and this high demand depends on the flexibility of the programming language. Let us have a look on the best programming languages –

  • JAVA
JAVA is a popular programming language since from last many years. The popularity of JAVA language depends on its many features that make it different and secure from other programming languages. JAVA is considered as the one of the best programming languages as it is platform independent, more secure, robust and many other important features.
  • Python
Python is also a popular programming language. It becomes more popular in last 2 years. Python also becomes famous on basis of its advance features. The language is most successful as this is the base of many advance programming languages.
  • Android And iOS Development
Android and iOS development becomes popular as many wants to shift their business from website to application form. Android and iOS platforms are used to develop native applications for android phones and iOS phones. When we think of building native application then these application basically uses the JAVA code as the backend code.
  • WordPress
WordPress is a platform for the website development. This becomes famous due to its easy implementation and easily understands features. Another reason behind the popularity of this platform is its simplicity and also the website build on this platform are cost effective. The website build on WordPress is also easily manageable by the end user or customer.
  • Type Script
Type Script is a front end language and recently used by many companies and become more popular in these days. Type Script is mostly preferred front end language these days as it have many good features like its fast responsiveness, its advance features and as it provides more security.
  • PHP
PHP is mostly used and preferred language for website development. It is famous and preferred and demanding language in IT sector. It is demanding as it is easy to implement and costing of website developed on PHP is also very low. Another important factor is that it consumes less time to develop a PHP website.

Apart from these there are also a lot of programming languages which are demanding this year like JQuery, JavaScript, AngularJS, Node JS, C#, HTML, CSS, Appian, Salesforce, React JS and many more back end and front end languages. The languages will come in demand on basis of their features and costing. The language that provides best features, easy implementation and cost effectiveness are considered as best language.

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

4 Ideas to Improve your Website Today

Many business websites fail to serve their purpose for long in spite of being developed by professionals. What is it that lands them in such a bizarre where visitors are abandoning them? You continuously make efforts to improve your business, giving it what it takes to expand it. Likewise, the business website also needs regular doses of attention wherein you can make up for what you overlooked in the first place and as per the new updates.

Therefore, we for this post are sharing few ideas to improve your website today. Continue reading the post and get to know all that you need to do for an instant fix:

A more simplified navigation
Don’t make your website navigation more complex in the name of adding more details. As the leading web design company in India, we try to integrate our expertise with the perspective of a visitor or customer landing on your business website. The purpose of navigation is to let the visitors find out what they are looking for easily and quickly.

Don’t go over the board with the categories that can illustrate the content of their subsequent web pages. Make sure your navigation is clear and concise.

Make sure to use attractive calls to action
If you’re running a small business website, call to action forms an important element. As illustrated by its name it is to prompt the users to take the desired action. It can be anything that you want like downloading the particular thing or subscribing for the newsletter, or for buying the thing or for reading the blog more.

You can take the professional assistance of the best web development company in India to add the “CTA” buttons with the right text at the correct place.

Keyword enriched headings
One thing that we as the professional web developers understand is that the extent of attention is getting shorter with each passing day. Therefore the only solution to improve the readability is to include the keyword enriched headings in your web pages. Instead of going with long paragraphs, you can break your content and add suitable headings which have suitable keywords. This will definitely appeal the eyes instead of straining them.

Improve your web content and images
With all the latest upgrades, you continuously have to strive to improve your content too. Timely update of the content will help you in the long run. Start reading the content that is there on your website. You can easily understand where you lack off. Make it more engaging as you can integrate the content relevancy with the consumers’ perspective. Think it like them. What do they want to see? What is it that they look for? Does your content overlook anything significant? Can you resonate with the flow of everything? These questions will help you in coming up with necessary amendments you need to incorporate for your web content.

Images too are very important for the website as visuals are more captivating than text. So make sure the images should complement the content and illustrate what your business and brand are all about.
Big or small, whatever the size of your business enterprise is, your website should be engrossing and relevant to your targeted group of audience.

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

What to Look for Before Hiring any Website Development Company

Website development is common today. We have thousands of company which provide website development services in Jaipur including small scale companies to large MNC’s. These companies provide services like website development, android app development, iOS app development.

What to Look Before Hiring any Website Development Company :- There are a lot of website development companies available in market. When a person who wants to expand their business by entering in e-business then the first big hurdle that comes to their way is that which company is best and which company should I choose? So don’t worry we are here to help you. First of identify that what type of website you need. Then according to your need make your next move. After identifying your need then second thing that you need to keep in your mind is that what is your budget? If your budget is low then go for small scale companies or the startups. And if have good budgets to spend then you can also go with the MNC’s.

Hiring Website Development Companies:- When you are going to hire any company who is going to work for you then first and the most important thing that you need to look is that what is the repo of company in market. What their previous client says about them. Take reviews from their client. See that what growth of their company is. How much they can fulfill their client. Are their clients satisfied by them? Gather info that they have already working on the technologies on that you require your website. How much experience they have on the particular technologies. How much their client is satisfied with them? Can check their reviews on same type of product on their website. One thing that also you need to look before hiring any website development company is that what is the culture of their company? Try to know about how much and how frequently they contact with their client during project development. If they have good interaction record with their client or not? Is they deliver project on time. Timely delivery is must. How much they are able to fulfill client requirement’s. After this you must also look for efficiency of projects that they deliver. One more thing that you must know before hiring is about charges that they charge. Before hiring any company you must compare the charges charge by different- different companies. If they satisfy in all these scenario’s then hire them without any delay.

So these are the all basic needs that you must enquire before hiring any company. If the company satisfies all the scenario’s then you can move further with them. When you are satisfied and finalize that you are hiring best web development company in Jaipur  then first thing is to read carefully the terms and conditions of the company and discuss each and every scenario and tell them about all your requirements. After all these and before start working complete all the legal and essentials paper work so that this will not create any problem in future.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Difference between Web App and Android App

To create an application a developer needs to put in a lot of effort to plan. A lot of coding and functions start working in harmony, it is then when an application starts working. The process is long and vivid, but in a nutshell, a programmer has to endure and work hard to make an application work. Nowadays when an app is made it is made for two soul purposes. One is for mobile application, or a native application and the other one is a web app. Web designing company in India and the android app development companies are working together on day to day basis.

Basic Difference

If an app is installed directly on the smartphone and which even works, with or without any internet connectivity, which is totally dependent on the nature of the app.  Whereas a web app needs a base of a web browser and needs a constant internet access to work on.

App Development Process

The process to build an application is complicated. The mobile application platform needs a unique native app development process. So a developer needs to know that if he is making an application for an Android or an iOS device and then start working over the app, whereas a web app is a complete coding over JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 or any of the other framework available in the market.

User Interface

The web apps and mobile apps have nearly the same interface with some minor differences. The web application has a difficult process to show an adjustable Graphical user interface whereas the mobile interface is created to adjust the resolution according to the device the app is being played in. So it doesn’t matter much if you are using a smartphone of 5-inch display or a tablet with a 10-inch display, the application should work flawlessly on any device it is being worked upon.


Any mobile app’s working is dependent upon the configuration of the handset. If the device is compatible with the application, as a lot of application needs the latest operating system with an accelerated GPU and a large RAM to carry the application? In some cases application also need of GPS, camera or an accelerometer which in case your phone does not possess the app wouldn’t run on your device. But in a web app, these features are irrelevant because all these features are hard to get a laptop or a desktop computer.


A mobile application needs to be updated over time whereas a web application automatically updates itself as soon as any change is done in the source code.

Before going ahead and start creating an application, you should consider these aspects and make a wise decision about which app to be created.