Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Tips to Write Maintainable Code for Cake PHP Developers

Getting a dream job is equally significant to perform that with perfection. While talking about coding or programming, the same applies here as well. Writing a code which can be maintained later by anyone else is a special skill, which is carried by a very certain developers only. Crafting maintainable code in cake php doesn’t demand you to be a expert cake php web developer. You can achieve this by talking about object oriented architectures, shifting paradigms, and self commitment to perfection. Here we bring some of the very useful tips and suggestions to achieve these skills of writing maintainable code.
  • Use notepad to standardize: According to some standards it is always wise to use notepad or any other editor without use of source highlighting. You should standardize your valuable code in the notepad because of many reasons. Some of the reasons include its assistance with windows OS, free of cost availability, ease of use without any training and many more.
  • Use comments wisely: Comment is one significant element, used by every developer somewhere in their development career. According to the experts, if you are good programmer, you code must be speaking out by itself. It doesn’t need any comment to be understood later. If your excellently written code is confusing for someone else, he/she might not be a good developer for sure. Still if you are forced to write comments, it is suggested to overdo it describing the most obvious and trivial code elaborately.
  • Coding conventions are always discussed a lot because of different views on this. Several frameware are seen having differnet opinions over naming and coding conventions. According to some experts, spending lots of time to discuss these convetions is not worth, because that time can be used for your valuable project. Other than this, if any new developer is hired by the company, it again becomes very difficult for him to understand the conventions. So write everything in your own style which keep you happy.
These are some of the the factors to consider while coding in order to writmaintainable code. According to highly experienced developers and programmers working in established cake php development companies have shared these tips. Any developer looking to write maintainable code must follow these.
Reference : https://damiestechnologies.wordpress.com/2016/03/29/tips-to-write-maintainable-code-for-cake-php-developers/