Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Leading JavaScript Frameworks of 2017

Web development technologies have been emerging with the latest trends. The world of IT is ruled by Web application development services and the current year has to offer technical advancement in developing mobile and web apps. In this regard when we talk about JavaScript frameworks, there are varieties of options available which are used to create most interactive mobile apps. JavaScript frameworks are useful for web developers as it has additional features which make user engaging web & mobile apps. For a web developer, it is important to select a JS framework that fulfills all requirements absolutely. Here is list of JavaScript frameworks that are leading 2017, have a look:

JQuery Mobile

It is a well known mobile app developing framework that can be easily accessed through multiple devices. It also involves touch enabled devices. It integrates with third party technologies easily. A developer can target custom-made interface using HTML5 & CSS3 mobile applications. It has light weight code base, helps optimize the speed.
If you have better understanding of HTML you’ll find it easy to develop and debug. JQuery mobile framework is better for mobile web apps.

Angular JS 2.0

Angular JS popularity has reached at the top after its release. However, web application development companies are using Angular JS because it owes extraordinary capacity to develop an app. It provides easy code integration and features good documentation and two way data binding.

React JS

It is one of the popular JavaScript frameworks that are maintained by Facebook. Developers can build dynamic & high traffic web apps because it has the ability to perform well in SEO. It also includes simpler JSX, Virtual DOM, featured JS library etc. It also offers to maintain isolated components in React JS and easy to understand. It is most lightly used framework among the ones that are popularly used.

Appcelerator titanium

It is known for developing cross-platform native apps. One can learn it easily in context to build apps for multiple platforms. One can develop scalable apps based on MVC pattern. It allows developer to utilize better advantages of native functionalities like by using native UI components, developers can achieve distinct performance.


It is one of the oldest JavaScript frameworks which are highly versatile & light weighted. It is based on MVC pattern with minimalistic approach. It strengthens multiple well known websites like Twitter, Pinterest, and Pandora Radio etc.

Including these frameworks phone gap and others are also doing well in the world of webdevelopment. 

Friday, 6 January 2017

Mobile App Design Trends Prediction for the Year 2017

The rise in smartphone users is just because it fulfills our day to day requirements, but its platform is not limited to just making phone calls and sending messages. its uses are beyond our imagination. The mobile app designs make its uses interactive and easy to understand and mobile app development transforms various fields in technology and enables the availability just a click away. The innovation in designing mobile apps become a center place in 2016. The future predictions about Mobile technology have something more advanced to offer in the year 2017, of course, the vast platform of mobile is hard to predict but you must look ahead to the future rather than looking in front. What trends will come forth and what not are listed down:

Upgraded UI for Gestures
The addition of interesting and new gestures in mobile application designs offer super power to your mobile application in terms of UX, usability, retention. Most significantly the success of the mobile application depends on how well the gestures are implemented in user experience. In the year 2017 mobile app developers will be focused on adding new gestures that will make the app improve interaction, content focused, and enabling the speed of user action. The improved gestures interactions will make the mobile experiences interactive than ever.
Wearable technology
Past years, though the market for fitness wearables, smart watches, glasses were very low, Apple watch is an excellent example of wearable technology that has taken a place in our daily lifestyle and our hearts with various compatible app. In the field of wearable technology developers to have an added advantage because it seeks too much of improvisation.
Different gadgets like fitness sensors and sports oriented are also gaining popularity. In the coming year, an evolution is expected in the technology.
Material design
The material design will continue the trend maintaining its bizarreness in the market. Google's most of the applications are based on the same designs for example Google Maps, Google Drive, YouTube etc. these apps are also available for Android and iOS platforms.
Adaptive Typography
Since the mobile app designs are focusing on issues like navigation, content type, layouts, and more. the typography uses will enhance the user experience and the focus on the trends of the year will be on font type, space between the letters, the hierarchy between patterns and lines etc. the changes in designs will improve the content readability for the user.
Designing for better future

The UI/UX design trends will surely define the future of mobile app design in the next coming years.