Monday, 19 December 2016

Best Visually Appealing CSS-SVG Loaders & Spinners

Most often Ajax requests require loaders and spinners as part of their project. Mostly loading indicators of Ajax interfaces are taking place of HTML elements instead of images, for maximum flexibility. You can use these loaders in your upcoming projects. You can use them as image preloader, image/content loading indicators, ajax loader, and much more.

CSS loaders
The single element CSS spinner is a collection of loading spinners designed with CSS. It consists a single div with a class of ‘loader' and content text of ‘loading…'. It aims to create a set of visually appealing loading spinners. These spinners convey their meaning too. The size of each loader is mentioned in pixels to adjust accordingly.
Collection of SVG loaders
SVG loaders facilitate the web designers to work with multiple resolutions. These loaders are concerned about the graphic uses. These spinners are a collection simple SVG loaders and spinners. It is of pure SVG/CSS, scalable, no images are used.
It contains simple loading spinners animated with CSS. CSS animation helps in creating easy and smoothly customizable animations.
Zero element loading
An addition of a class name a loading state can be applied to any element with a Zero element loading, SVG/CSS loader.
Spin.js creates the UI using CSS3 and works in all browsers. It is a JavaScript library that enables us to create loading activity/indicators without using any ­­­­­­image. We can edit the spinners in multiple forms like setting the number of lines their color, length, width, radius etc. it ends up providing such facilities.
Pure CSS & Simplistic Loader/Spinners
An inspiring web designer has recently given an idea to create a spinner using pure CSS. It uses only two solutions from CSS. In this, everything is sized with ems, so everything can be customizable as a preference. It fits all browsers and contains a fallback text for others.
CSS only loaders
The progress bars and loading indicators are purely designed with the CSS without any use of JavaScript and Images.
It is a JavaScript class which is used to create Loader images with HTML5 Canvas. The drawing is created using tiny intervals on a predefined, custom path where sizes, colors all can be customized. There's a web-based Sonic Creatorexists for creating loaders and getting them as an HTML5 canvas code, an image with the CSS3 code.
SVG circus
SVG circus facilitates you to create cool animated SVG spinners, loaders, and other animations in seconds.

Such animated loaders make your site visually appealing and more creative. There is a variety of CSS/SVG loaders are available. Here we have picked just a few you can search even for more.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

WordPress Website Optimization Speed and Affecting Factors

WordPress is a great CMS (content management services) platform. It provides CDN (content delivery network) services to millions of professional Website development companies, startups, and small entrepreneurs and facilitating them with their excellent services, all over the world. From 2000 to 2016 WordPress has reached the several milestones and started providing access to more than 400 million websites worldwide. All around the globe, most of the top 1 million websites are powered by WordPress. It is able to publish posts in every 17 seconds, these facts are enough to show the significance of WordPress as CMS.

Why it is necessary
According to the popularity of the site, it is also essential to optimize website's speed and performance. A slow loading website can create the hassle for the user but can affect your visitors, subscribers and customers. These specific tasks need to be optimized correctly otherwise, it will slow down the speed of the website. Business from all over the world relies on it. For an SEO, it is necessary to know about how much time the site is taking to load the page if your website is slow visitors will not wait for it to load, or they may click back before loading the page of your website.
The improved performance led to fast loading pages, better user experience, providing better services in less time. Increased page reviews will improve the ranking of the sites in the search engine optimization. Google also included site speed in its ranking algorithm, that means the site speed effects SEO. Now, the slow ranking of your site will result in losing customers due to impatience and reduced rankings in the search engine. Google and other search engines started penalizing the website through lower downing the rankings on the site.
When any visitor or subscriber visit your website, it is up to you that how could you convince them in few seconds to stay there. According to a general report, "a 2-second delay in page responsiveness reduced user satisfaction by 3.8% and increased lost revenue per user by 4.3% and reduced clicks by 4.3%."
If your site takes too long to load, the number of visitors will already go before you paid the attention.

How to check the speed
Beginners often think that their site is not taking time in loading, just because it is running on their system. Since frequently visiting the same site, the modern browsers like chrome store cache of your own site, and it automatically starts loading it as soon as it starts. The same website visited by the new user takes time in loading. He will not experience the same.
When you run website speed test, to load the website, 2 seconds is the best time.
What slows down your website
The speed test reports have multiple technical recommendation for improving performance of website.
The primary causes are web hosting, WordPress configuration, page size, bad plugins, external scripts etc.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Tips to Write Maintainable Code for Cake PHP Developers

Getting a dream job is equally significant to perform that with perfection. While talking about coding or programming, the same applies here as well. Writing a code which can be maintained later by anyone else is a special skill, which is carried by a very certain developers only. Crafting maintainable code in cake php doesn’t demand you to be a expert cake php web developer. You can achieve this by talking about object oriented architectures, shifting paradigms, and self commitment to perfection. Here we bring some of the very useful tips and suggestions to achieve these skills of writing maintainable code.
  • Use notepad to standardize: According to some standards it is always wise to use notepad or any other editor without use of source highlighting. You should standardize your valuable code in the notepad because of many reasons. Some of the reasons include its assistance with windows OS, free of cost availability, ease of use without any training and many more.
  • Use comments wisely: Comment is one significant element, used by every developer somewhere in their development career. According to the experts, if you are good programmer, you code must be speaking out by itself. It doesn’t need any comment to be understood later. If your excellently written code is confusing for someone else, he/she might not be a good developer for sure. Still if you are forced to write comments, it is suggested to overdo it describing the most obvious and trivial code elaborately.
  • Coding conventions are always discussed a lot because of different views on this. Several frameware are seen having differnet opinions over naming and coding conventions. According to some experts, spending lots of time to discuss these convetions is not worth, because that time can be used for your valuable project. Other than this, if any new developer is hired by the company, it again becomes very difficult for him to understand the conventions. So write everything in your own style which keep you happy.
These are some of the the factors to consider while coding in order to writmaintainable code. According to highly experienced developers and programmers working in established cake php development companies have shared these tips. Any developer looking to write maintainable code must follow these.
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